Trump Jr., Former FBI Leaders Testify On Capitol Hill

Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election bore some of the textbook tricks of the trade of Kremlin spycraft, including the volume and breadth of contacts with Trump associates, former FBI officials told lawmakers Wednesday in the latest congressional hearing dedicated to special counsel... Read More.

Alabama Bill: Chemical Castration For Some Sex Offenders

Some sex offenders in Alabama could be chemically castrated before being released on parole, under a bill approved by state lawmakers. Lawmakers gave final approval to the bill last week and sent it to Gov. Kay Ivey. Chemical castration involves taking medication that blocks testosterone production in order to decrease the person’s sex drive. At least... Read More.

Remains Found In Arkansas Identified As Maleah Davis

The remains of a child found in Arkansas last week are those of a missing 4-year-old Texas girl, Maleah Davis , a medical examiner said Monday. The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences said it had positively identified the remains, which were flown to Texas from Arkansas, where they had been found near a... Read More.

Kamala Harris Targets State Abortion Bans

Kamala Harris says she would require states seeking to restrict abortion laws to first obtain federal approval. The presidential candidate and California senator says that if she won the White House, she would back legislation requiring states with a history of restricting abortion rights to receive clearance from the Justice Department to change abortion... Read More.

Three Handwritten Wills Found In Aretha Franklin’s Home

Three handwritten wills have been found in the suburban Detroit home of Aretha Franklin months after the death of the “Queen of Soul,” including one that was discovered under cushions in the living room, a lawyer said Monday. The latest one is dated March 2014 and appears to give the famous singer’s assets to... Read More.

Chuck Barksdale of The Dells dies at 84

The Dells’ voices carried them from Thornton Township High School in Harvey, Ill., to global soul stardom, they became one of Chicago’s most versatile, accomplished and enduring R&B groups. Their bass singer and co-founder Chuck Barksdale, who always enjoyed discussing this incredible journey, died on Wednesday after a lengthy illness,according to the singer’s... Read More.