24 year old Darrell Wallace, Jr will be the first black driver in Nascar Cup since 2006.  Wallace commented in The Bleacher Report:

“I’ve never had any issues with racism or racist people at the track for as long as I’ve been racing in NASCAR,” Wallace says from behind the wheel. “All of that stuff that has happened to my face took place when I was coming up. And a lot of what I get now on social media is 13- and 14-year-old kids just trying to act tough. Well, I’ll call them out. I’ll confront them and tell them that they messed with the wrong person.”

It’s important to know who Wallace is as he represents change and another form of hope in the African-American community. It’s another, “yes we can do that too.”

“I know I’ve got a special role to play because of the color of my skin,” Wallace says. “Black kids can relate to the NFL and NBA because those leagues have players in them that look like them. NASCAR doesn’t. The No. 1 greatest obstacle to minorities making it in NASCAR is the cost. But I hope to be a face that inspires young black kids.”