Former first lady Michelle Obama sat down with Today to announce the launch of the Global girls Alliance. The initiative focuses on the importance of education for young girls, “The stats show that when you educate a girl, you educate a family, a community, a country,” she said on the show.

Mrs. Obama says, “there are 98 million adolescent girls that are not in school,” and that doesn’t make sense. She says that girls and women are the” backbone” of their families and communities, so to tackle big world issues like “global warming,” or “maternal mortality,” we have to educate our girls

The Global Girls Alliance is designed to support grassroots leaders around the world who best understand the unique challenges girls face in their local communities and the strategies needed to overcome them. The program connects those leaders so they can learn from each other and mobilizes people in the US and around the world to take direct action to support them, including through a new social fundraising destination on GoFundMe.

Through Mrs. Obama’s passion for this issue, the aim is to drive global attention, awareness, and action—and generate commitments to help empower adolescent girls around the world, so that they can, in turn, support their families, communities, and countries.